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Web Design Quote
  • Home page: Max.1,000 characters (including spaces).​​

  • Videos: 2 videos (you provide URL).

    • Additional videos $5 (you provide URL)​

  • Background (1 page): Motion / Still / Solid Color - YOUR choice (one page).

    • Additional pages - same or different image $10 ea

  • Animated text: 2 animations included for one page.​

    • Up to 20 words

    • Must specify text

    • Additional animated text $5 per animation ​

  • Hyperlinks: 2 hyperlinked text per page.

    • Up to 20 words

    • Specify if animated or not animated

      • Must provide the text

      • Must specify the page or site to link to

      • Must specify if the link propagates on
        the "current window" or a "new window"

  • Still Images: 

    • If you provide:​

      • 3 images per page

      • Additional images $5 per image

      • Horizontal: 400 - 600 pixels / 72 DPI (JPEG)

      • Thumbnail: 100 - 200 pixels / 72 DPI (JPEG)

    • If we provide:

      • $10 small (thumbnail)

      • $15 ​medium (up to 1/4 page)

      • $20 large (up to 1/2 page

      • $25 full-page

  • Reviews: 2 reviews per page (firm).

    • Each page will be made available for review as completed.

    • 3 days to review each page.

  • Lead Time: 3 Days Lead time per page (from date of project acceptance by SamMiCor). 

  • Ownership transfer: (Wix account required). 

    • Must provide the following info:​​

      • Wix email address


If your domain name is not a Wix domain name (recommended for ease of transfer), there will be an additional $15 fee to connect it to your (Free or Premium) Wix account.

  • Contact Page: $35

  • Additional pages: Priced upon review of the information provided.

Thank you for your order!

At SamMiCor WebDesigns we aspire for perfection with EVERY website we create. Please help us accomplish this goal for your website by simply ensuring to double-check all the information you provide us as well as your "review" copies (you will have 3 days to do so).
Due in full upon customer acceptance of the completed Website/Landing Page. Once payment has been received,
ownership of the site will be transferred to the client.
Don't have PayPal: We accept Bitcoins (Contact Us for details).
© 2017 SamMiCor - A Better LifeStyle
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